Chabria Infotech to offer remote assistance

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With virus attacks becoming a common occur-rence in all consumer segments,

data theft has emerged as a growing concern for enterprises while solutions in

this space are scanty. Chabria Infotech has recently come up with packages for

data security and theft prevention besides extending after-sales software

support to its clients and end-user customers through the remote support utility


"Data theft and leakage are some of the biggest issues that have come up

recently. With virus attacks becoming a persistent problem for every consumer

segment, SMBs as well as enterprises are having serious issues with data theft.

Thus, a completely new product and services vertical has emerged with Trend

Micro and Symantec offering diversified solutions to counter this problem," said

Hemant Chabria, CEO, Chabria Infotech.

Chabria Infotech has recently launched an assistance support team, which logs

into the computer of the customer, scans the system and administers the host

servers. After this process, the problem is identified and effective solutions

are given online. The support personnel are not required to visit the client in

person. However, configuration changes in the customer's computer need to be

made and additional software for the client-host service installed to have this

support utility.

"In most cases, whenever a customer has a software problem with his computer,

mostly due to virus attacks and spyware sieges, we have to push our technical

support personnel to resolve the issue which takes a lot of time. Thus, we have

come up with a remote assistance team to save time and solve customer problems

quickly," Chabria shared. Chabria Infotech has tied up with Trend Micro and

F-Secure on security products, namely anti-virus, and has now extended its

product portfolio to data management and loss-prevention services too. The

company is also looking for more vendor collaborations for data-management

products and services.

"There was no protection available to safeguard USB ports except to block

them manually. Now, 'fingerprinting' and 'lock' techniques have been launched

which saves the data and prevents any leakage or misuse.With these technologies

sweeping in the market, enterprises are now demanding 'batch file conversions'

on a regular basis for data-protection and the demand is rapidly increasing in

the market," Chabria added.