Center Systems introduces products in India

DQW Bureau
New Update

Center Systems Ltd, a US based company has entered into

a tie-up with Taiwan based Well Communication Corporation. As per the conditions

of the agreement, Center will take care of the marketing of the products

manufactured by the Taiwanese company.


"The manufacturing tie-up with Taiwanese partners

has given us an opportunity to introduce products such as I-power 56 Kbps

modems, set top boxes, Vizzy LCD monitors and ISDN terminal adaptors in the

Indian market," said Eunni R Shekhar. 

One of the products being introduced by the company,

I-power set top box connects to the regular phone line/LAN to provide an

Internet connection, Web browsing and email functionality by using TV as a

display unit.

Vizzy LCD monitor is another product to be marketed by

the company in India and is capable of displaying most standards, from 640x480

VGA to 1024x768 VGA. The digital controls allow the user to adjust the monitor's

display parameters. The architecture of the monitor incorporates a LCD panel

that produces a display with low radiation emission, limiting health concerns.


The I-power modem introduced by the company is

compatible with current windows 95/98/2000, DOS and Linux OS, in India I-power

set top box and I-power modem are priced at Rs 6,500 and Rs 2,500.

"We already have 11 offices in India and that will

give us an advantage in taking the marketing initiative ahead as far as these

products are concerned," explained Shekhar.

Center is an information technology solution provider,

with Indian office headquartered in Hyderabad. Its expertise lies in Internet

communications products, Datacom support, and management and e-commerce

solutions. In addition to the Taiwanese agreement, the company is also having a

national corporate partnership with BPL Net and business partner agreement with

Tata Polycomm.