Celebration Time

DQW Bureau
New Update


Yesterday was a real eventful day not only for us but also the entire

country. After a long-long time, India recorded a victory in test cricket

aboard. When Anil Kumble had Andy Caddick--the last man--caught in the slips by

Saurav Ganguly, the whole nation erupted in celebration as this was India's

biggest test victory on foreign soil.

At the same time, this victory came as a bonus for us in the DQ Week Delhi as

we also completed half a decade--five years--of our existence. No doubt, this

itself was a big cause for celebration for us. But in tandem with the victory of

the Indian cricket team, the whole thing has become doubly joyous for us.

When we started off five years back, there wasn't much media focus on the

channel community, something they certainly deserved. In this scenario came the

DQ Week Delhi--the first issue of which came off the press on August 28, 1997.


Right from the beginning, our focus has been on bringing you fresh news every

Thursday morning. Although the focus at that time was on news from the National

Capital Region (NCR), comprising of Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and

Noida, but at the same time the other places in the north were not neglected.

Rather, there has always been a heavy dose of news from the other parts of the

country, international happenings, technology related stuff and last but not the

least, Internet.

Over and above all this, special emphasis has been made to ensure that we

carry a lot of stuff which is of direct or indirect benefit to the vast channel

community which is doing business in the capital. All this and more, has been of

immense benefit to this vibrant community.

Over the last couple of months we have focussed heavily on the up-country

market comprising of the B and C class cities--places where the action is really

hotting up. No wonder, all the vendors are betting heavily on these cities. In

addition, the DQ Week Awards have become the most prestigious awards for the

channel community--something all of them aspire to win. Earlier this year, these

awards were given to channel partners from Delhi and 19 other cities of the

north and east.

All in all, the whole Indian IT industry leans on the shoulders of the

channel partners who will have an even more important role to play in the years

to come. And recognizing the importance of this segment, we once again dedicate

the DQ Week Delhi to the entire channel community.