CCMDA to postpone IT fare

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Chhattisgarh Computers Media Dealers Association's (CCMDA) plan to hold an IT

fare in December has received a setback. The association had planned to hold the

meet this year itself, but members have delayed the plan and will now reschedule

it for sometime next year.

Apparently, there are a number of reasons behind the setback. According to

the association, one of the reasons was the lack of a suitable ground to hold

the mega event. The association had planned to hold the event either at Grass

Memorial Ground or Science College in Chhattisgarh, but both the grounds had

prior bookings, leaving the association with no choice. This aside, another

reason the committee resolved to postpone the event was that Chhattisgarh State

Industrial Development Corporation (CSIDC) had floated a number of contracts,

and partners are busy getting themselves registered and securing their


However it appears that the association in itself is not very clear about the

exact reason behind dropping the idea of holding the fare. Sunil Agarwal,

Secretary, CCMDA stated that unavailability of a ground for the expo was the

prime reason behind the fair being delayed. Agarwal mentioned that with no

proper arrangements in place they did not want to hasten with their plans. “We

do not want to organise a fare only for the sake of holding one. Since the

grounds that we thought we would hold the event in were booked in advance, we

had no choice but to postpone the plan. Also, most of the partners are busy with

government projects,” opined Agarwal. He further added that members had not held

a meeting after Diwali. “We will now organize a meetings to keep all the members

informed about the association's activities,” added Agarwal.

Cited reasons for the delay:
  • No suitable ground for the expo
  • Members busy securing contracts floated by the

    state government
  • Lack of interest among members

On the other hand, Devendra Marwah, President, CCMDA stated that

unavailability of a ground could not have been a reason since the association

could arrange for that easily.

When contacted about the ongoing issue, Chetan Vithlani, VP, CCMDA stated

that he had resigned as VP of the association a year back and was willing to

support the association only as a member. “I submitted my resignation a year

back and am not aware of the association's activities,” mentioned Vithlani.


The committee and the members however were unaware of any such developments.

Stating the same, Marwah said, “I am not aware of that and even if he has put in

his papers, we will not let him leave.” Elaborating on the reason for delaying

the expo, Marwah stated, “Dealers are currently engaged with the CSIDC contracts

and have no time to participate in the fare. Hence we decided to postpone the

event. We might hold it sometime in the month of March next year,” added Marwah.

Interestingly, dealers in the region were unaware of any such information

concerning the setback of the expo. Talking about the same, Deepak Vidhani of

Raipur-based Infotech Solutions stated that every year around Diwali, the

association would organize a fare. But this year they had no such information.

He was also not aware that Vithlani had resigned as VP of the association.

However, Vidhani did admit that participating in the fare was something that

dealers looked forward to as it gave their business a boost. “Maybe this time

the association was unable to rope in major vendors, as it is they who fund such

fairs for us,” speculated Vidhani.

It may be noted that the association had plans to invite Microsoft, Epson and

Zenith Computers, among other vendors, to showcase their products at the fair.