CASE STUDY: YogaFit Studios – Saving Time with Google Calendar Integration


YogaFit Studios were founded with a simple goal: to make it easy for busy people to enjoy yoga. They are the first studio in the country to offer 24-hour yoga, allowing students to practice at their own convenience – whether it be attending instructor-led classes or enjoying open studio time. While the mission is simple, delivering the desired room temperature is challenging. To accommodate a range of classes, the studio temperature can vary anywhere from 73 to 90˚F.

Using their preexisting, programmable digital thermostat, instructors had to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to their classes to manually change the temperature. During unoccupied periods of time, energy was wasted, as the thermostat did not automatically set the temperature back. YogaFit needed a proactive solution that would accommodate their varying schedule, remove the logistical burden from the instructors and create optimal practice conditions for students and instructors.



Project Dynamic

Square Footage

Rooftop Units

Average RTU Size

Previous System


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Airflow Balancing



6 tons

Digital Thermostat


“We needed a partner and solution that could react to our business and not the other way around. 75F delivered a very customized solution based on our business needs, delivered it very fast, and has supported us every step of the way.” – Ashok D. | Franchisee


75F provided YogaFit with a zone control solution accompanied by our unique external calendar feature. Three Wireless Room Modules (WRMs) were installed, one in the reception area and two in the studio. Controlled by the Central Control Unit, these WRMs allow staff members to change the temperature in the reception area and in the studio from one central location. With the 75F external calendar feature, the studio manager is able to automatically set studio temperatures throughout the day by scheduling classes in Google Calendar. They simply enter the class name and desired temperature in the subject line and the 75F system automatically pre-conditions the room so that the studio is at the desired temperature when students arrive for class. When there are no classes scheduled, the solution will default to the desired temperatures set for unoccupied times of the day.


75F also connected an external humidifier to the system. Through Google Calendar, YogaFit is able to control humidity levels for each class.

“The largest benefit to us is that we know the temperature is going to be right for the class that it’s set to be. We know that our energy consumption is as optimal as possible.” – Ashok D. | Franchisee


The 75F solution offered YogaFit a variety of benefits for both employees and customers. YogaFit franchise owners now have greater insight and control over their locations and are able to monitor energy usage in real-time using the Facilisight app. YogaFit instructors no longer have to head to the studio early to adjust the thermostat, as the desired temperature is scheduled ahead of time using Google Calendar. Instructors can also adjust the temperature from their smart phones for added flexibility. Even humidity levels are able to be controlled and scheduled to fit the needs of individual classes. Finally, the studio is able to deliver a great customer experience without compromising on sustainability. Studio temperatures are optimized for each class, ensuring accurate practice conditions for students. Heat is no longer wasted during unoccupied times. Thanks to 75F, YogaFit’s mission to deliver the best yoga experience to their students became a whole lot easier.

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