Canon to streamline its online partner program

DQW Bureau
07 Dec 2005


With an objective of weaving information technology aided tools within the fabric of its internal

workflow, Canon India is embarking on an initiative, eventually aimed at taking

all its partners within this region in an online. As part of this initiative,

the company has already launched its Partner Excellence program (PEP). Operating

through a web portal, this program comprises of several elements like effective

business planning, business compass, training, market development, order entry

and status, financial report and audits.

"Our primary objective is to encourage our partner

community in this region to use this online resource pool as a tool to perform

well and increase their productivity. So far we have got 15 partners on this

online program and very soon we would be adding another 50. Our aim is to have

all our existing 5,200 partners gain from this online initiative by mid

2006," informed, VP Sajeevan, Senior National Manager — IT Sales, Canon


Keeping in mind the large number of queries generated by its

partner community in the country, the company has set up its Helpdesk for the

PEP partners across India. Set up at its headquarters in Gurgaon, the PEP

helpdesk will be a single-point contact to address queries or issues of the

company's channel community. 

"This Helpdesk will help our partners in issues relating to orders

booked, reward points accumulation and redemption, market development and

availability, claim settlements, various e-learning programs and any technical

issue related to a product that a partner might have. We want to create an ideal

atmosphere for our partners so that they can concentrate on their core

activities," Sajeevan added.

Zia Askari

New Delhi