Canon India Introduces Rayo Mini Projectors in India

Canon India starts distributing Rayo Mini projectors in India. Targeted at both B2B and B2C segments, the two flagship models, Rayo i5 and Rayo R4 are compact, lightweight, and portable and bet big on both style and imaging impressions. The organisation will be responsible for distribution of the two products in the country.

Compact design packs amplified impressions

The compact and lightweight design makes the Rayo mini projectors a highly portable and handy travel accessory. For the business professional on the go, the mini projectors are the perfect complement to a broad range of mobile devices, enabling impactful presentation of ideas whenever and wherever.

The compact size makes it extremely convenient to carry around in carry-on bags or even in a shirt pocket, making it well-suited for corporate, retail and educational purposes. The Rayo R4 weighs a meagre 169 grams and the Rayo i5 weighs 260 grams.

Easy plug and play

The wireless feature on the RAYO i5 circumvents the hassle of cables. The convenience of the wireless functionality means users can play movies or share content from their latest Android/iOS devices easily through Mirroring/DLNA technology.

Offering stable and continuous brightness at 100 Ansi lm; this high level of brightness facilitates clarity in imaging output with WVGA resolution for home entertainment such as movies or karaoke parties as well as business presentations on the go.

The Rayo R4 projects directly from mobile phones/tablets through connectivity with MHL cable and offers the brightness of 50 Ansi lm. It can be easily connected to a laptop with the Mini HDMI cable to deliver a power-packed demo.

Both the projectors also come with a mini tripod which is not only easy to install but is also height adjustable to provide you just the right angle for viewing.

Stamina for longer running time

Rayo i5 has a 1,900 mAH battery which has a play time of up to 120 minutes at the standard brightness. Whereas the R4 has a 1,700 mAH battery that can play for up to 150 minutes in standard brightness. Which means power is the least of your concerns with the mini projectors in case you want to catch up the latest movie, project an important presentation or show off your pictures.

The LED light source lasts up to 20,000 hours in the Rayo i5 and 10,000 hours in the Rayo R4. A long-lasting light source lets you project as frequently as you want without having to worry about replacing it.

Fit for every need

The applications of the Rayo i5 and R4 could be as limitless as your imagination. Be it projecting a recipe video on your kitchen wall while cooking, watching that important football match on the roof of the car, making your balcony your cinema hall or transforming the airport lounge into your demo zone.

Both R4 & i5 come with built-in speakers making it a mobile companion for all projection needs as it saves the hassle of carrying additional speakers. Users can also connect their headphones if required.

Pricing & Availability

The Rayo R4 and i5 will be available for sale in India effective 1st June 2018. The R4 is priced at MRP Rs. 30 000.00 incl. of all taxes and the i5 is priced at MRP Rs. 50 000.00 incl. of all taxes

Product Specifications

Size (mm)71 x 124 x 20111 x 111 x 17.2
Display TypeVGAWVGA
Resolution640 x 480854 x 480
Brightness50 Ansi lm100 Ansi lm
Light Source(R/G/B) LED(R/G/B) LED
Lamp Life (Hours)10,00020,000
Aspect Ratio4:316:9
Screen SizeMaximum 236.22cm

(From 3 Meters)

Maximum 401.32 cm (From 5 meters)
OutputAudio out (3.5 mm Jack)Audio out (3.5mm Jack)
Built-in Speaker1W0.7W x2
Speaker TypeMonoStereo
Built-in Battery (hours)Up to 150 minutes at standard brightnessUp to 120 minutes at standard brightness
Basic PackageAC Adapter, HDMI Cable, MHL Cable, 5 to 11 Pin Gender Tripod, ManualAC Adapter, HDMI Cable, Manual, Tripod, OTG Cable
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Wireless NAMirroring/ DLNA

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