Canon India Announces the Launch of ‘Canon Image Square 3.0’

Canon India announces the launch of a Gen-Z version of its retail outlet – Canon Image Square 3.0 in India. What makes this launch a noteworthy milestone in Canon’s India journey, is its transition from an experiential model to an ‘experiential imaging destination’.

To provide a comprehensive perspective towards imaging, Canon Image Square (CIS) 3.0 aims at offering a full-fledged customer experience, with an input to output approach. The idea is to transform retail outlets into a destination, attracting customers to experience a whole new imaging revolution.

The objective is to familiarize them with cameras and help them indulge in an extraordinary click-to-print experience with Canon’s new-age technologies and software. Moving beyond just being a product store, CIS 3.0 would be an ‘imaging store,’ that would allow consumers to make memories and be allured by the magic of photography.

Various innovative sales and marketing tools like live demonstration of the products, touch and feel experience, trainings and workshops have further helped the customers at CIS stores to make informed purchases and strengthen the brand’s relationship across India.

The CIS stores consolidate Canon’s position in the imaging industry ensuring a strong foothold that compliments retail expansion plans in India. Designed to be the future of imaging stores in India, these CIS stores will certainly raise the benchmark for customer service. Worldwide pioneer in formulating innovative progression, Canon is known to make endeavors to cultivate the culture of imaging from time to time.

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