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Association of Nasik (CAN) has elected new office bearers post its

annual elections, held on May 7, 2011. The inductees include Sharad

Mishra, Vinnet Kankariya, Rajesh Kshatriya, Nipul Shah, Amit Padhare

and Ajay Sonar. The new team for 2011-12 has already taken charge of

activities from May 7. These members were elected under the

supervision of the association's electoral committee. Apparently, the

association believes in uniformity and has no president or VP but

only executive members among themselves.

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Sharad Mishra, spokesperson, CAN, said that they have many activities

lined up for the next financial year. “Basically we have a lot of

things for our members and we are working on them. One of the most

important activities is the website development and CAN directory

2011-12. We are also planning to host an IT expo in the month of

December or January next year. We also plan to meet every month and

organize technical seminars for members for upgradation of their

knowledge in the IT sector,” said Mishra.

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also elaborated on the camp service chart, which helps in

standardization of service charges on different products. This will

also keep customers aware of the real prices of the product. In order

to get an entry in the association, members have set certain criteria

which include at least 3 years of working experience in the

association, and allocated members will have to work for the benefit

of the IT traders and members with full transparency.


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about his experience as a member of CAN for the past 3 years, Mishra

explained, “Though I have been associated with CAN for the past 3

years, I have never regretted involving myself in the committee."