CA identifies banking automation as growth area

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With the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines to the banking industry to

computerize their functioning, Computer Associa-tes (CA) is zeroing in on co-ope-rative

banks in B and C-class cities as a high-growth area. Said Kau-stubh Patki,

Channel Marketing Manager, CA "Data is highly cru-cial for banks and we

find that our products are best suited for the co-op banks in small


In a bid to make inroads into the B and C-class cities, CA India will soon

come out with channel marketing programs for the country. Though some global

programs were in existence in the past, the company had not been pursuing it

with fervor. But with the appointment of Patki, these programs will be more

regular and consistent in nature.

Said Patki, "We know that the best way to reach end-users is by going to

market with our channel partners. Therefore, CA is making a con-solidated

approach at regional activities and education drives for its partners."

According to the company, a unique feature of these programs will be forwarding

qualified leads to partners. CA will engage with agencies to get databases of

companies that can use its solutions, organize seminars for these prospective

clients, under-stand their individual require-ments, the urgency of the

solu-tions required and then pass of these leads to partners opera-ting in the

client’s geography. "We will thereby reduce the pre-sales cycle and the

partner will have to focus only on making the sales and post-sales

support," informed Patki.

CA India’s business can be broadly categorized into storage and security.

While it has managed to entrench itself well in the storage space, it will now

focus its attention more on the security solutions.

Vinita Suvarna Bhatia

Mumbai (CyberMedia News)