Business in J&K burns in a political fire

DQW Bureau
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The row in Jammu and Kashmir over the Amarnath land has come to a point where

neither the government nor citizens can afford to keep up the situation any

longer. On one hand, where business in the valley has come to a halt with both

the transportation as well as consumer purchases coming to nil, the situation is

turning into a tussle between the agitators and the police.

Partners in the cities are witnessing 100 percent loss on the business front.

The bandh, which has been running for almost two months now, has completely

ruined the social as well as economic dynamics of the two cities. The shut down

of shops and all-day curfews have turned the region into a desert.

Sanjay Langer of Jammu-based AGM Sales Corporation informed that business has

come to a stop as the entire region has been closed off. “It's been one and a

half months and still no business is happening in the city. The situation will

not stabilize until steps are taken at the central or the state government

level," he said.


He added that apart from the strikes in the city, it is also quarter ending

period for vendors and hence there is heavy pressure on them to clear stocks.

“We had to pick stock from vendors, which we now have to stock with us as no

sales is taking place. This is leading to not just heavy loss but also mounting

pressure for payment from the vendor's side,” he averred.

Inderpal Singh of Jammu-based Aman Technologies said that business is being

affected drastically as everything is impeded due to the bandhs. “ More than Rs

50-60 lakh of our business has been hit. Our all branches in the two cities are

closed and this is resulting in zero business. Apart from that, we have around

50 staff in these branches who are not turning up due to the tense situation.

However, the pressure of their salaries, ie Rs 5,000-6,000 each, is also

building up on us,” said Singh.

In such a situation, partners are left with no option and are demanding

immediate central government intervention in the matter.


Naveen Sharma, CEO, S&S Computers, Jammu said while the channel were all

offering their support to the Amarnath land issue, it was time the government

came to a resolution. Sharma said, “We have been facing huge losses in business

in the quarter ending period, as not even a single shop is open in the city, but

we see it as a sacrifice in the general interest of people in Jammu. The

government should not keep the matter hanging any longer and should take some

concrete step at the earliest.”

Talking about the losses being faced by the partner community, he added, “HP

has recently raised the price of its printers and ink cartridges by 10 percent.

Stocking the supply has become all the more difficult. We were forced by the

vendor to pick up stocks of almost Rs 12 lakh, which couldn't even be

transported to the store. Apart from that, we have government supplies also,

which we are not able to deliver in such conditions, and the total loss will be

borne by us.”

Sharma said, “The ire is further taking shape of a tussle between the police

and the common man, as recently during a protest march, the police opened fire

and many people lost their lives. The situation needs the immediate attention of

the government.” Agreeing to Sharma, Singh added, “We are a part and parcel of

the society and have to support any move taken in the interest of the society.

The common man has become a victim of the issue plotted by politicians.”

Meanwhile, instead of working in the direction of resolving the issue, the

administration in the region has brought the lives of the people to a standstill

by banning access to news channels in the region. “The region was put to a

complete media ban, national TV channels ban and even SMS service was jammed by

the administration to prevent any sort of communication by the agitators,” said