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Nisha Kurian

Company name  Subham Computers & Electronics
Proprietors S Paras Jain, B Gyan Jain
Address Shop # 15, Majestic Plaza, #18, Narasingapuram Street, Mount Road, Chennai - 600 002

Tel: 8566131, 8588549, 8411642
Products  cables, motherboard, CD-ROM drive, UPS, hard disk, printer, scanner, keyboards, mouse, headphone mikes, speakers, cabinets, printer ribbon & refill pack, floppy disks, monitor, HDD IDE, CD writers, ink cartridges, toner powder, toner cartridges, floppy storage boxes

Mercury, Wintron, Intel,
Microtek, Vista, Assur, Samsung, Acer, Creative, Apex, LG, Seagate, Quantum, HP,

TVSE, Canon, Epson, Umax, Aeon, Powerplus, Powercon, TurboMedia, Logitech,

Frontec, PrimeSource

"Even when we started in 1996 we were supplying all varieties of cables and still we are carrying on with the pursuit. There are VG cables, link cables, power cables, printer cables, extension cable for keyboards and monitors, hard disk cables, floppy drive cable," said Paras Jain, Proprietor, Subham Computers & Electronics. "We are now into hardware too in a full-fledged manner."


"We act both as dealers as well as resellers. If we do not get a particular product we buy it from the resellers," he noted. In hardware Subham Computers are doing business in motherboard (Mercury, Wintron, Intel, Microtek, Vista, Assur), CD-ROM drive (Samsung, Acer, Assur, Creative, Apex, LG), hard disk (Seagate, Samsung, Quantum), printer (HP, TVSE, Canon, Epson), scanner (Acer, Umax), UPS (TVSE, Aeon, Powerplus, Powercon), keyboards (TVSE, TurboMedia, Samsung, Acer), mouse (Logitech, Frontec), headphone mikes (Mercury, Compac), speakers (Microtek, Mercury, Creative), cabinets (Mercury,


"Business is good. Even if it is highly competitive market, we don't forget our pocket. No one would go for a loss. If we had 10 percent margin in 1996, what we get today is only 2 percent," remarked Paras Jain on the market scenario. "We have nearly 400 - 500 clients who comprise of both resellers and customers."

The turnover for 1999-2000 was Rs 5 crore and "in future we want to improve the business", concluded Paras