Buffalo holds technical seminar

DQW Bureau
New Update


Buffalo organized a technical seminar to introduce Terastation III (TS X-/L

series) to its channel partners across India.

The event was spread across four metros starting from June 16 in Bengaluru,

June 17 in Mumbai, followed by June 18 in New Delhi and June 19 in Kolkata.

“Our aim behind the seminar was to introduce our new offering to our channel

partners and to make them familiar with the technicalities of the same. We

realize the importance of our channel partners and their awareness. This

endeavor provided us with a platform to get our whole unit in India together and

aid them to better understand the product,” said Susumu Kobayashi, Country

Manager, Buffalo India. “On an average around 40 to 45 channel partners attended

the technical seminar in each city,” he said.

“It was a great event organized by the company to introduce their NAS product

series with special mention to the Tera Station 3 Product. We were very excited

and eager for it and it imparted us with great knowledge and the product's

implication for SMEs and SOHO markets,” remarked Ashutosh, Product Specia­list,

Supertron and Buffalo. “The events was held in the evenings and was followed by

a grand cocktail and dinner,” he added.