Brocade bets big on Ethernet business

05 Mar 2012

Brocade, a fabric-based networking solutions provider is building its channel for its relatively new Ethernet business globally. The company is augmenting its Ethernet business and investing to build its channel infrastructure.

Speaking on the sidelines of the opening of a regional briefing center (RBC) located in Singapore, the new networking-solutions center will showcase leading-edge product demonstrations and facilitate discussions for enterprise, campus and service provider customers throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

KP Unnikrishnan, marketing director, Asia Pacific, Brocade Communication said, "India is among the top three and fastest growing APAC regions in terms of manpower and revenus. Our SAN business is predominantly our initial revenue stream business, which contributes 60% of our global and APAC regions. Having said that we are getting up the speed on our Ethernet business. Last year our APAC region grew by 28%, of which Ethernet grew 44% and SAN grew by 27%."

The company is driving its Ethernet business through channel, wherein SAN is driven by strong OEMs relationship with HP, IBM, EMC, DELL and Hitachi. Ethernet which is a relatively new business for Brocade is currently identifying and building up partners in India.

Unnikrishnan pointed, "We are putting lots of investment to build our channel. In APAC last year we invested close to over $2 mn for pure partner enablement to push our Ethernet in terms of investing on demo tools, pools, marketing content and training. Moreover, we are creating video on demand modules for our partners. Presently, we have close to 500 partners across APAC for our Ethernet business, wherein in India we have 30 partners."

Commenting on the RBC, Unnikrishnan said, "The objective of this RBC is to offer need based solution to our customers and partners. Globally we are hitting 1,000 briefings in a year. Moreover from our Singapore RBC we are expecting to hold 100 of briefings in the next one year for this region.

Another area which Brocade is eying is pushing its cloud based Brocade Network Subscription (BNS) model. The company has started conversation with CFO community and is counting on its benefits. Mike Klayko, CEO, Brocade said, "It has taken us a long time to get this model running at the organizations. Moreover, our competitions have started coping this model. Being a leader in this space, we are putting synergies to position it as a sought-after business model in the next one year."

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