Branded power supplies are in demand

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products are taking over the current trend in PC components. The

end-user has become intelligent and well-knowledgeable, which in turn

has lead towards the demand for quality products. DDR-2 market is

more or less being used for the upgrade market, which is now been

taken over by DDR-3. Even DDR-3, the low-powered performance-oriented

module has become a craze, as everyone is concerned towards

generating low heat and reaping the benefits of more speed. The green

revolution is

taking over the entire technological development, as everyone is

concerned towards the global warming phenomenon. The memory industry

is looking forward towards the transition of 30nm/40nm chips, as

DDR-3 became the mainstream module. The recent introduction of Sandy

Bridge by Intel, modules operating voltage has been lowered to 1.5V,

which spreads the message of 'go green by using less power' and helps

in emitting less heat to save the planet from climatic changes. SSD

pricing is being dropped due to technological developments and

pricing gap is reducing against HDD.

India market has been

growing consistently irrespective of worldwide economic gloom and

recession. Off late, the Indian customer has been readily accepting

new technology and is understanding the benefits of using a quality

product, which in turn leads to tremendous growth of branded products

in India. SSDs are taking over the HDD market and the only negative

factor is the price gap between the two. End-user is concerned for

speed, quality and performance and willing to shell out the extra

penny for these products.

Branded power supplies are

in demand as Core i5 and i7 require true wattage to perform which is

not available in the unbranded segment. There has been a lot of

developments and launch of new products in the components industry.

Launch of Intel Sandy Bridge leads to introduction of low-powered

performance oriented memory modules, which works on lower voltage

like 1.5V. Introduction of SSD against the HDD in capacities of

240GB, 512GB etc, which is slowly taking over the market due to its

qualities like double read write speed, shockproof, break proof and

by using flash which means that the data is completely secured.

Introductions of high-end power supply in higher wattage, 1200+w with

80Plus Gold certification for over 90 percent efficiency for

unmatched voltage stability and performance are taking over the


Indian clients are heading

towards branded segments in PC components. We have noticed that the

end-users are becoming more knowledgeable, understand and willing to

shell out that sometime extra for a good brand. They are concerned

for the quality and performance of their components and of course the

service offered. Acceptability factor has risen for new products and

technologies which were not seen a few years back. India was the last

country to introduce new products, but now we are heading the list.


as a brand has always been concerned about quality and speed

and that is our forte and reputation. We have introduced lots of new

product in synchronization with the Indian clients. For Sandy Bridge

we have launched our Vengeance modules, SSD. We are the fastest in

the industry with 285mb/s and 275mb/s read write speed. Corsair

power supply has seen tremendous acceptability with the introduction

of core i5 and i7, as a normal unbranded power supply does not work

on it, which in turn contributed towards the awareness program of a

brand which offers true power and not manipulated wattage.

The main factor hindering

Corsair's growth is the duty structure of India, if the government

can seriously look into this factor then Corsair would become an

affordable brand and the most used brand in India known for

its quality and service. We see heaps and tons of potential in coming

years and have made our plans meticulously for India. With the recent

launches for India specific product lines-high-end cabinet like

600T, gaming power supply (price performance oriented), SSD's,

Vengeance modules etc, we foresee Corsair to seriously grow in its

India business.