Boom in software Market makes traders happy  

Accounting Softwares are in great demand these days and its market is flourishing in Vadodara. One of the obvious reasons of the software market is GST implementation. Tally is one of the accounting softwares which is in demand right now thereafter Tally has also made a faith in the mind of the Vadodara market traders.

VITA (Vadodara Information Technology Association) is also continuously looking after the trader’s welfare in every aspect. The association is organizing various events in the region.

Talking to The DQ Week VITA president Varun Amin has shared, “The newest product in our business is GST related accounting software. Its demand is high and it’s growing very rapidly in the market and in my opinion, the next generation computer requirement is more in the market because of the IT awareness. In other side the market is all about laptops and desktops but more that as of now the market in Vadodara is all about accounting software market. And also we can see growth in printers, the entry level printers of HP and Canon are selling more.”

Also commenting on the current market scenario Vijay Patel of Aasha softech says, “the market is absolutely fine as of now and the software market is at the height of all the other products. Maximum of the business is adopting the Tally for accounting so the tally business is now a lotus in the pond. ’

Another IT trader Amit Tan of Softcom says, “Accounting is a very big part of most of the business to handle. Many of the traders are started selling software products too and they are getting involved in the distribution of the same. Accounting Software is in demand right now and the IT players are playing this card.”

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