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Bobble Registers its name next to Global Giant Google

After launching in 21 Indian languages, Bobble has managed to entice millennial in India from foreign giants. According to a recent report about Indic keyboards, Bobble has been ranked second. Ranking right after Google the biggest player in this space.

while Google continues to lead the market with a whopping 90.9%, Bobble Keyboard takes the second spot with as much as 4.5% share worldwide. Adding to the relevance of the feat; there are three more players vying for the spot viz. Hitap Indic Keyboard, Just Indic and Panini Keypad. Although these players have managed to claim a fair share of the pie with 1.7%, 1.6% and 1.3% respectively, Bobble, a homegrown star of the Indian internet, takes the lead amongst the relatively newer players.


Commenting on the feat, Mohd. Wassem, Co-Founder and MD at Bobble, said,

 We are absolutely humbled by this feat, but that does not slacken our aspiration to claim the top spot. Google has been entrenched deep in the market for the past 5 years, pushing its Indic keyboard with talent, hard work and cash. Ranking right next to Google is a good growth sign.”

“We have over 10 million downloads and 55% users share content through our keyboard. As we slash our product’s data and memory consumption, and optimize for speed and ease of typing, we expect to continue our momentum going forward. We are grateful to our loyal users, inventive staff and supportive investors. We look forward to the exciting times ahead.”

He added, This unique product for visual and personalized communication has managed to convert 70% users to enable the keyboard. Bobble Keyboard’s staff has demonstrated technical and business prowess. Therefore, growth is projected to accelerate through partnerships with global giants like Apple, Baidu and Foxconn. In India, Bobble comes preloaded on brands like Indus OS, Gionee, Lava and Zen.

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