Bloom’s success story with Intel’

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Bloom’s success story with Intel’ is truly an interesting program being

organized by Intel for its channel partners-Genuine Intel Dealers (GIDs) and

Intel Pre-mium Providers (IPPs), across the country. Presently, the com-pany has

covered Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata, under the program, which was pre-sented

by GS Sundaram, Chairman, Bloom Group of Companies. According to him,

"Intel has chosen us for doing this program seeing our con-sistence

performance in busi-ness for the last ten years. Thr-ough this program, we share

our success story with the Intel channel partners."

"It is a 30-minute program where we discuss our success strategies,

customer-relation-ship management, how to beat the competition without

com-promising on the price, providing value-added service to retain the

customers etc. It is being well received in all the places," said Sundaram.

Intel is doing similar programs in north and west and more such programs are

planned consi-dering the success of these events.

Recently, Bloom has started focusing more on Wi-Fi solu-tions and it has

established a Wi-Fi zone, in association with Intel, for Bharathiar University,

as a goodwill service.

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