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Bitdefender focuses on India centric software solutions

In the age of digitalization, cybersecurity has become a critical area of concern with identity theft, ransomware and data theft becoming pertinent issues plaguing businesses. Especially with Indian companies who have been somewhat reluctant to adopt cutting edge solutions owing to threats. Bitdefender, a leading global player in cybersecurity has recently revamped its India centric strategy.

Zakir Hussain Rangwala, Director, Bidefender, says, “More than our consumer products, our enterprise and corporate products were never quite launched in their entirety. They were launched in bits and pieces and never as complete solutions that we are striving towards at present. The bitdefender engine is used today in more than 25 antivirus companies worldwide. So the user base that they have is more than 500 million users and which keeps on growing. They connect with the cloud and it helps them secure and make the bitdefender engine more robust. So bitdefender has the largest userbase across the market in the world today. ”

Considering that the computer penetration in India is still at a nascent stage, there is tremendous scope for technological penetration and cybersecurity solutions. Especially with SMEs that are looking for more flexibility when it comes to their cybersecurity solutions.

Rangwala adds, “For the Indian market, it is not going to be a very high priced product and the aim is to make it accessible to all users. At the same time due to this make in India, Digital India a lot of these small entrepreneurs and busineses are growing. With a 15 to 25 user base. So we are targeting all those consumers, SME companies and corporates where they require quick solutions; a cloud based solution where they do not have a server in their premises. Our focus is going to be security via the cloud where enterprises can save money on having a server and infrastructure.”

Recently, Bitdefender was named as a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, which is an extensive yearly evaluation of the corporate security vendor market. The company is considered as being among the top five antivirus security vendors in the world. It is among the few cybersecurity vendors to offer cloud and virtualization features as well as consumer based products for Mac, Windows and Android platforms. In India, they are among the few players that offer complete enterprise solutions and some of our areas of emphasis are virtualization which few players over. This is especially relevant in the Indian scenario since there are several SMEs that are seeking cloud solutions with a pay as you go model. Since it allevaiates the need for capex investments in IT infrastructure while allowing them to espouse a lean and cost effect IT model.

He concludes, “While it is too early to say that if we will be number one in India, we have a versatile product portfolio of more than 30 antiviruses in small and big categories.”

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