BITA to hold elections

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Bhavnagar Information Technology

Association (BITA) is planning to hold its elections this month. It

is a practice that the association follows after every two years. The

main agenda for the election this year would be the service issues of

members across Baroda. “Being the President for the last two years

I have given my best towards contributing for the association. This

year also, I will propose that the members select the appropriate

president for the betterment of the association,” said Utsav

Parekh, President, BITA.


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for the position of the president is very important to the

members. The association does not believe in age of an

individual because according to them experience in the IT field is

what matters the most. While discussing about the age criteria for

the association members, Govind Betharia, Immediate Past President,

BITA commented, “We are keen to involve young people in our

association and are expecting the applications as well. But I think

generally the experience does matter when the nominations are

considered because they are given more priority.” The current list

of members includes around three-four members in the age criteria of

40-50 years barring the rest who are below 40. BITA has a nominal fee

of Rs 500 towards admission in the association for one year.

Surprisingly, the association has maintained a rule that members have

to register for a period of two years, for a fee of Rs 1000.

The current 78 members will choose

candidates from the applicants who nominated their names for the

election this year. The association has successfully registered 15

members in the past two years.

Rajesh Dhanan, VP, BITA said that he

would be delighted to be re-elected as the VP of BITA for another

term. Sharing his views, Betharia stated that they will make sure

that the newly elected members would give special attention to the

service issues faced by the dealers in Gujarat, as they want 100

percent resolution of the same.