BITA initiates e-waste collection program

The Vadodara association conducted 'Recycle Bin 2012' program during its 3-day IT exhibition

New Update

With an aspiration to counter the growing perils of electronic wastes in the state, Baroda IT Association (BITA) at its recently concluded IT Show 2012 conducted a program called 'Recycle Bin 2012-e-waste management program'. This section was set up in a way to function as an IT e-waste collection center.


The 'Recycle Bin 2012' center received tremendous response and saw the biggest e-waste collection in 3 days. Rajeev R Patel, honorable secretary, BITA said, "We have set a new record of collecting e-wastes which amounted to 4.5 tons, that I think is the highest ever in India by any NGO. In the first 2 days itself we had collected close to 3 tons of e-wastes and by the end of the fourth day we crossed the 4+ tone mark."

BITA organized a 3-day IT exhibition in Vadodara from February 17-19. The event was held in collaboration with EcoSarjan, an Ahmedabad based non-government organization (NGO), which helped the association to establish the center in order to educate the people on how to manage the growing risk of e-wastes and disposing it scientifically.

EcoSarjan was responsible to manage the collected e-wastes at the expo. Post collection, the e-wastes were relocated to E-Coli Waste Management where it was disposed as per Gujarat Pollution Control norms. The e-wastes include CPUs, cellphones, landline devices, modems, old typewriters, USB drives, tube lights and many more electronic appliances which are out of use.

EcoSarjan and BITA had put an aggressive effort to make this program a success. They went ahead to offer cash vouchers to those who deposited their e-waste with the center, which could be redeemed at the exhibition to buy new electronic products. The association informs that this program was indeed a successful venture for all as the NGO has started receiving an increased number of calls from corporate houses, retailers and individuals who want their out-of-use electronics disposed. 

EcoSarjan is a platform initiated by the Society for Environment Protection (SEP) and Devdhar Group of Companies. BITA is having its presence in Baroda since 1997 and is primarily a non-profit organization having a strength of 250+ members.