“Biggest achievement to me has been a caravan of fully satisfied customers. We have been able to tap the pulse of customer need, and I count on it.”

DQW Bureau
25 Jul 2001
New Update


An avid reader, Alok Gupta did his BE from RB College (1990) in computer

sciences. His studies have been in the right tempo with his sporadic venture-Softmart.

Started in 1994, it has been reckoned with reverence in the market for tapping

the right market and good service.

Gupta had set his feet on the corporate world right after his graduation with

the head start in Tata Consultancy Services, as a System Analyst. Working on

Oracle 7, AX 400 and other like packages, he was involved in various software

projects. But his skill sets were more bent on the commercial side, and soon

started helping the marketing team with his technical expertise. So as to say,

was the evangelist for the marketing team. Till 1994 July, this was his arena of

action. But things changed a lot after that.

August 1994, Softmart came in being with a strong vision of doing one thing,

but doing it perfectly. Starting with a single product-Tata e.x. It grew in six

months to a 100-channel partners strong company, and now is a 4,000 resellers

strong organization. Posing a turn over of Rs 40 lakhs in the first months,

Gupta has created this software giant as an Rs 8.32 crore organization.

Selling around 25,000 software products, Gupta plans to focus on perfect

customer relations. As he asserts, at Softmart we do not have marketing but

relationship division.

He also plans to diversify in other ventures; lately he opened up a call

center training institute and looks forward to add more value-added products in

the Softmart. To him fortifying will always be on the list. Rest everything he

knows is going as per his goals.