BHOPAL: A city’s endeavor to forget the past and look at the future

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Bhopal the capital of Madhya Pradesh has become famous in the annals of world history, though for all the wrong reasons. It was here that on the night of December 3, 1984 a poisonous gas escaped from the Union Carbide C plant in Bhopal killing 10,000 people and many people continue to suffer from the after effects. 

But, the city is trying to leave the past and looking forward to a better future. Earlier it was Indore, which used to be the hub of the IT market, which is now slowly shifting to Bhopal. The growth that the IT market saw during the festive season have suddenly taken a downturn for the past two weeks. The city has the potential to grow as an IT market, with the government coming up with a number of projects. The average number of PCs sold in the city per month is around 1,000. The SOHO forms the major buyer here, who mainly go for the assembled market whereas the Government and the Corporates buy the branded products.



Project started in Dhar district in which IT was being tapped to serve the

common people. Gyandoot is an Intranet network of computers connecting 21

centres spread over five development blocks in Dhar district. Information

Kiosks set up at these centers serve 600 villages under 311 Gram

Panchayats. About half a million villagers now have an easy access to

information, for which they had to make troublesome journeys to tehsil and

district headquarters. Each Information Kiosk caters to 15 Gram Panchayats

and 25 to 30 villages. People from outside the district can log on to

to get information. The location of information centers is carefully

planned. The places frequented by people are selected. Information

pertaining to development schemes, procedural formalities, prevailing

Mandi rates is available. Also copies of maps of land, khasra, B-1 and

other revenue documents are accessible to the cultivators. Applications

can be forwarded through the Kiosks to block and district officials for

obtaining caste, income and domicile certificates. Complaints can also be

lodged through the Kiosks. In order to provide facilities of IT all over

the state, arrangements have been tied up with private sector to set up

7,800 Electronic Information Centers as a follow-up to announcement of the

Chief Minister. These Centers will provide entire range of e-governance

services and information to the people. This will bring government

services and information closer to the people.

Looking into the antece-dents of Bhopal, it was built on the site of the 11th century city of Bhopal. It was founded by the legendary Raja Bhoj who is credited with having construc-ted the lakes around which the city is built. The present city was laid out by the Afghan chief Dost Mohammed Khan, who was in charge of Bhopal during Aurangzeb’s reign, but took advantage of the confusion following Aurangzeb’s death in 1707 to carve out his own small kingdom. 

Bhopal is well connected with all the major business locations making it an ideal destination for investors in the field of IT based services. This is also enhanced by the presence of a large number of institutions of higher and technical education that provide a source for recruiting the desired manpower. Bhopal is home for the Indian Institute of Forest Management, the National Law School, the Insti-tute of Excellence in Higher Education, the Maulana Azad College of Technology and a host I of private educational institu-tions in diverse fields. 

Bhopal offers abundant industrial land, and other facilities at prices that do not rob the budding investor of the initial enthusiasm. Hundreds of acres of land has been earmar-ked by the state government for the development of non-polluting IT- related industries. Apart from the industrial township of the public sector giant Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL), Bhopal has in its neighborhood the thriving industrial area of Mandideep which has attracted invest-ments worth thousands of crores with some of the big names in Indian industry operating their manufacturing units from this location. For investor in the IT -related activities, the forthcoming Software Technology Park (STP) will also offer the choice of an ideal location . 


Today, Bhopal has a multi-faceted profile. There’s the old city with its crowded market places, huge old mosques and the palaces of the former Begums who ruled over the city from 1819 to 1926. To the north sprawl the huge industrial suburbs and the slums which these developments inevitably give rise to. The new city with its broad avenues, sleek high-rise offices and leafy residential areas lies to the west. In the center of Bhopal are two lakes, which while providing recreat-ional facilities, are also the sour-ce of its plagues of mosquitoes.

Major Resellers

Achin Dev Computers

18/260, The Mall


Tel: 315429


Afzal A Siddiqui

5th Floor, Chandralok Complex

Birhana Road, Kanpur

Tel: 300969

Amafhh Communication Services

79/77, First Floor

Bansmandi, (Near Aaj Press)


Tel: 214433

Apsol Technologies

444/9, Shastri Nagar


Tel: 361321

Backup Zone

15/59, Civl Lines


Tel: 311904


Bhagwati Distributors

51/28, Rajaj Market

Ram Ganj, Near Ganges Hotel



Tel: 214141/360131

Bharat Computers

5/11, Charan Singh Colony

Govind Nagar


Tel: 614328

Bhukania Computrinics

7/111A, Swaroop Nagar


Tel: 541811


Big Byte Computers

Shop No 240

Naveen Market


Tel: 354594

Blue Chip Enterprises

24/92, Birhana Road

Opp State Bank of Patiala


Tel: 10504

CK Computer

9/2, Vijay Nagar


Tel: 222481


Catch Me

9/10, Labour Colony

Data Nagar


Tel: 231507

Century Computer Centre

LGC 5, Gumti Plaza

Gumti No 5



Comexcell Technologies

LG, 17A, Somdutt Plaza

The Mall


Tel: 306449/305378


8/25, Kurshawan

(Phool Bagh)


Tel: 250055/252076

Computer Corner

16/23, Civil Lines


Tel: 318094

Computer Education

107/235, Nehru Nagar


Tel: 541231


63/3, The Mall


Tel: 317349/355785

Dataman Computer Systems (P) Ltd

25/16, Karachi Khana


Tel: 316505/317191

Diamond Electronics

120, KDA Market

Vikas Nagar


Tel: 91512316505/317191

Digitech Computers

UG D9, Somdutt Plaza 10

The Mall


Tel: 293259

Dow Hitech System

8/2, A2, Arya Nagar

Manas Mandir Marg


Tel: 256719/291897

EI Systems

17/143, Telegraph Road

Opp St Meera School


Tel: 367778

Euro Computer Consultancy

620/6, Keshav Nagar

PO Juhi


Tel: 271486/546129

Gollo Enterprises

29/43, Maheshwari Mohal


Tel: 313836

Great Five Computers

G5 Computer Centre

MIG 19, Sector-3

Hemant Vihar, Barra 2


Tel: 612101

Hi Point Computeronics

Stall No 98 (Upstairs)

Naveen Market


Tel: 362522/319966

Info Today Computers

7/109, G1, Flat No 17, 

Prabhu Mahima App

Swarrop Nagar, Kanpur

Tel: 210360


113/115, Swarrop Nagar 


Tel: 553875/541470


B12, City Center

The Mall


Tel: 631760

Kaizen Infotec

Thailendra Shukla Partner

Tilak Hall Lane

Meston Toad, Kanpur

Tel: 353960

Ken Electronics

111/125, Harsh Nagar


Tel: 541547

Lipi Data Systems Ltd

First Floor, Flat No 2014/45

Chunni Ganj, The Mall


Tel: 542355

Micro Chip Systems

126/46, Block Govindnagar


Tel: 262068/645452

Micro Info Tech

House No 2B, Pradhan Gate

Near Gyan Manjusha School

Nankari, IIT


Tel: 591166