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Nisha Kurian

SB Infotech was started in July 1999 with its head office on the bustling Mount Road and the branch office in the IT market of Chennai i.e., the Ritchie market. The company is the dealer for Samsung, Seagate, Intel, APC, TVSE, Microsoft, Yamah, Sony, HP, LG and Microtek. They are trading monitors, hard disk, CD ROM, FDD, keyboard, mouse, Celeron processor, Pentium III processor, Intel motherboard, UPS, printers, Windows software, Yamaha CD writers, spike busters, speakers etc.

  • Company name: SB Infotech
  • Director: Kusal Jain
  • Address: 61, Ellis Road, II Floor, Mount Road, Chennai - 600002
  • BO: Shop No C3, KAJ Plaza, No: 7, Narasingapuram Street, Chennai - 600002
  • Tel: 8416072/ 8416073/ 8517739/ 8517738
  • email:
  • Brands: Samsung, Seagate, Intel,

    APC, TVSE, Microsoft, Yamah, Sony, HP, LG, Microtek, Samtel
  • Products: monitor, hard disk, CD ROM, Floppy Disk Drive, keyboard, mouse, processor, printer, ink cartridge, UPS, spike buster, speakers

Just one year into the IT hardware business, SB Infotech was appointed as the distributor for Samtel for their monitor in Chennai region three months back. They have appointed nearly 150 dealers in the region to market Samtel monitor. Samtel monitor comes with a three-year warranty.

Kusal Jain, Director of SB Infotech is very contented about his business. He says, "We have great improvement in our business. IT is very nice and it will grow. When there is competition, automatically the business will grow." SB Infotech is into networking business where they supply products like hubs, Internet cards, cable, switches, LAN cards etc from D-link, Dax, Frontech as dealers. They are doing trading in Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli. SB Infotech accommodates seven staff who look into the marketing, servicing and accounts. According to Kusal Jain, he wants to improve his business through better marketing strategies. It recorded a turnover of 7 to 8 crore in the last fiscal and is aiming to attain Rs 12 crore in the coming financial year.