BenQ partners with Inspan for keyboard and mice distribution

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BenQ India announced its tie-up with Inspan Infotech for distribution of

computer peripherals in the Indian sub-continent. The initial products to be

introduced are aimed at both the consumer and professional markets, and consist

of keyboards and mice.

This tie-up aims at consolidating BenQ's presence in the Indian market and

hence moves up the value chain by leveraging its manufacturing strengths and

experience in the field of input peripherals. This partnership will help BenQ

consumers gain access to its keyboard and mouse.

Inspan has a strong presence in South India apart from Delhi, Lucknow and

Jaipur. This partnership will also help BenQ to reach to out B and C class

cities. "This partnership will help BenQ reach out to diverse areas and

thereby help in expanding its presence across the country. Said Ish Bawa,

Marketing Communication Manager, BenQ India, "The SMBs, B and C class

cities were the markets, which saw maximum demand for personal computers.

Srinivas, Business Manager of Inspan said, "India has trem-endous

potential for growth, and with strong presence in south India. Apart from other

cities, we are confident of capturing significant share of the computer

peripheral market. With growing demand of customers seeking the com-puter

peripherals at one stop, this partnership shall earnestly fructify the


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