BenQ appoints Xpert as Nashik distributor

DQW Bureau
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Speaking about this tie-up, Ish Bawa, Marcom Manager, BenQ said, "Till

now we did not have regular business at Nashik and were supplying our products

through the reseller channel. But since we have appointed the city distributor

now we plan to do regular business in the region." He also mentioned that

after becoming the city dist Xpert gets a chance to qualify itself with the

exclusive titles like BenQ Admired Partner (BAP) and BenQ Value Partners (BVP).

With both these titles Xpert can get extra benefits from the company.

At present Xpert is the sub disti for Sony and Umax and is the premium

partner for Asus and AMD. When asked Neelam Kumar Nagdec, CEO, Xpert Techniques,

that what are his expectations from this new venture, he said, "I think

that BenQ delivers quality products and are at present also doing aggressive

pricing. Their optical products are one of the best in the market. So there is

an immense growth potential. Besides this, I have been in the market since last

12 years. This will also add advantage to popularize the products in the


Shilpi Das