Belkin introduces new KVM switches

DQW Bureau
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Belkin India announced the launch of six new KVM switches in India. The

switches allow users to control multiple systems without having to buy

additional computer peripherals.

While traditional KVMs are battle-tested only for a server room, the Belkin

offering hands over the control of managing multiple computers to home

consumers. The KVM for home users come equipped with wired/wireless remote with

which they can easily share a display, keyboard, mouse and audio speakers

between two computers, with just a click.

Belkin has classified these KVM switches into three categories: the entry

level, mid level and high-end KVMs switches. The entry-level switches include

the two-port PS/2 switch. Two-port flip wireless KVM switch and two-port flip

USB KVM switch. All the flip switches have a stylish appearance with colored

coated cable and a wired/ wireless remote for easy switching. The entry-level

switches are for SOHO users who would like to elevate the number of computers at

home or in office.

2-Port PS/2 KVM with cables can operate two PS/2 computers using one monitor,

keyboard, and mouse. A second computer can be added to your home or office, and

both computers can be accessed from the same desk space. One can switch between

computers using a simple hot-key sequence. The two-port KVM switch includes two

six-foot cables to connect your computers. The product supports high video

resolutions up to 2,048x1,536@65Hz.

“Several people today own more than one laptop/computer. Belkin KVM switches

are specially designed for such users who have more than one system at office or

at home and would like to effortlessly operate both systems without having to

buy additional computer peripherals. These KVMs allow easy access across devices

at the same time keeping your desk clutter-free,” said Mohit Anand, Country

Manager, Belkin, India.