Be the 'Facebook Raja' or 'Twitter Raja' @IT Distributor Conclave 2014

DQW Bureau
New Update

The DQ Week IT distribution conclave, planned to be organized on 12-14

Spetember next month, announces prizes for the most interactive

partners on the DQ Week's social media platforms: facebook and

twitter. The partners whose tweets are re-tweeted maximum times or

whose conversation or comments are shared the maximum times will be

crowned as Facebook "Raja" and Twitter "Raja". Here is an opportunity

to show your peers how technology savvy you are!


No sweat if you are not on our social media platforms; you just have

to log on to and like our page and similarly just

follow us on twitter at

You must be aware that this year we will be focusing on the acronym

SETA, which stands for Services, E-commerce, Taxes and Automation of

inventory. If you are wondering what is it that you want to share:

just write something on the theme of our event.

Every-day there are talks about e-commerce challenges and over a cup

of tea thousand ideas pour in to your mind; why not use our platform

to showcase it. Recently, Delhi based association also organized an

all India ICT summit where representatives of various states' IT

association resolved on the ways to tackle e-commerce challenge. Use

our platform as an extension of the ideas generated at the conference.

Let us (DQ Week) also formulate the talking points for our conclave

based on piece of information generated on our platforms. Discuss on

the services, taxes and automation issue and we will discuss some of

the unique issues/problems in our conclave. This whole exercise is to make our conclave interesting and informational. What are you waiting for then?