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The session on "Value addition through ICT & IPR" was held at

the India Global SME Summit

Only innovation and marketing can add value to ensure succ-ess of Small and

medium enter-prises (SMEs) in the present era of tough competition, which has

necessitated two key tools " ICT and IPR" to be appropria-tely adapted

and implemented.

This was stated by Dr GS Jaiya, Division Director, SMEs ,World Intellectual

Property Organization (WIPO) stated this at the session on "Value addition

through ICT & IPR", at the India Global SME Summit organized jointly by

the Ministry of Small Scale Indu-stry and CII.


According to Ajay Kapur, CEO, SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd, for most of the 11

million SMEs in India modernizing was a huge challenge and state of the art

technology was a dire need for them to stay in the global scenario. "IT was

used mainly for accounting and it had yet to be absorbed that IT was an

important tool in process automation, ERP, enhancing productivity, reducing

costs and R&D costs, besides net-working. It was time now for SMEs to

understand that to be part of the global economy, investment in ICT was a key

factor," he added.

Utpala Joshi of Zensar Technologies informed about the various models, which

could be used by the SMEs, and about the META Trend, which said that by 2007,

ERP vendors would embrace web services to support inter-enterprise integration.

Dr Vasantha Bharucha, Con-sultant and Formerly Economic Adviser in the

Ministry of Com-merce said, "In the current scenario, huge amount of

business is already being conducted through the inter-net, ranging from

international coffee auctions to auto parts sales. Countries have already

introduced tax benefits for e-facilitated trade and com-panies save on discounts

on online trade. To get on the ICT wagon will be a win-win situation for the


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