Baroda IT association (BITA)

DQW Bureau
New Update


From rank nine in the

previous year, Baroda IT association has bagged sixth position in the

IDC survey. Please share your thoughts and key factors that helped

you attain this position?

Positive approach, vision

to support members, adding more and more activities for the benefit

of members as well as society, strong team spirit, strong family

values-that's what BITA stands for.

Member's feedback has

also been good for Baroda IT association. Do you feel that

associations should initiate active communication with their members,

and keep them engaged?

During the year, we have

almost filled all months with different activities and with

continuous meeting, our intercommunication and bond will become our

strength. The families of members are also included in most of the

events which converts us in to a big family. Active communication

with the members is a key for any association's success.

As you have been ranked

well on election timing, awareness programs and seminars, social

activities and website updating, what are the other parameters that

you will like to improve?

Still, miles to go.

Involvement from the members to put in their thoughts is very

important. We at BITA, maintain transparency in the activities, which

is very essential for the success. With the continuation of

all current events, we are working upon to add more such

events/programs like e-waste management, series of IT training

programs for school and colleges. BITA works as an arbitrator for the

members. More such social activities under BITA Foundation are BITA's

own educational campus, BITA IT Mall etc.


What are the challenges

that your association faces and how are you responding to them?

As far as IT business and

IT entrepreneurs are concerned, still as an industry, IT industry is

in a childhood stage. More awareness programs are required to make IT

industry to turn it mature enough. The rural market has great

potential and it is a big challenge for the association to make IT

industry more stable and mature plus work as team rather than working

as an individual.

What will be your key

initiatives to keep your association members engaged?

Our all current activities

keep our members engaged and we will keep adding more in to it as

mentioned earlier.