Barebone plans notebook distribution network to enter India

DQW Bureau
31 Jul 2003
New Update


Barebone Direct, a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK based Scopeforce Ltd, is planning to launch mass scale notebook distribution network for wide-range of notebooks in India by end of August. 

The company will also supply computer parts and accessories to the PC assemblers. The company will launch notebooks to be offered at Rs 40,000. Accessories like HDD, RAM, CD-WR, COMBO processor, etc will also be made by available by Barebone direct resellers and distributors.

According to Ashwin Halai, CMD, Bare-bone Direct, "The idea behind introducing Whiteboxes in India at the lowest price is to help PC assemblers enter into notebook assembling and hence to create more competition in the Indian Laptop market and thereby reducing the price of the laptop further. This will make available the laptops to the general public at a reasonable price and also encourage the usage of mobile computers to more and more people in India."

With sale target of 500 units per month, the company is expecting a turn over of around Rs 20 crore in the first financial year. The company is in the process of appointing distributors and resellers all across the country for the new venture and has invested around Rs 3 crore till now.

Rahul Gupta