Avigna revamps HR system

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New Update


Chennai-based Avigna Technologies has announced that after a two month long reconfiguration exercise of its HR systems, a new matrix of a more flexible system of engagement with employees has been devised that allows the employees, the company and its customers to best maximize opportunities in a tough market environment. While one of the objectives is to keep the company's payroll overload in check given the slowdown, it also envisages a mix 'n' match matrix-like approach for the sorting, grading, honing and offering of a wider variety professional/consultant skills sets for customer projects.

Avigna plans to retain a part of its current staff strength on a conventional payroll system; the other part of the staff will be engaged by the company on a consultant basis whose services will be utilized based on the demands of projects worked upon. 

Initially the company will work on a principle of 50 percent payroll staff and 50 percent consultants/professionals. The company has also been involved in a process of reviewing and strengthening its project and program management systems. Further, to enable empanelled consultants to work with the company from their homes, if they wish, the company is also examining the option of offering them infrastructure support to stay networked with the company.

"One is to blend with the crowd and stay within the safe zone of the standard types of skill offerings; the other way is to raise ourselves, our staff and our customers over the rough patches by cultivating and offering certain specialized and niche skills and unique talent-mixes that help our stakeholders and customers score strongly over their competition and market forces. By this new plan, we aim to get more cost-flexible and yet retain and re-train our best talent and keep increasing the network of unique offerings on an ongoing churn. We believe the market could benefit at this time from more innovation and ideas to overcome its sluggishness," said Shobha Ponnappa, Chairman, Managing Director and CEO, Avigna