Avhan launches next generation CIM application

Avhan Technologies Ltd, a customer interaction management (CIM) software product and solution technology company specializing in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), has announced the launch of Avhan Business Voice 2.0, an out-of-the-box CIM software. 

Avhan Business Voice 2.0 is a next-generation IVR System, which allows Indian corporate and business to create a round the clock customer interface for business.

Avhan Business Voice allows the automation of 70 percent of the customer interactions (to make available standard business information as well as create a mechanism for handling customer feedback and complaints) for a business as well as allows for 24 X 7 access to customers. It is an ideal entry point for organizations to start creating their call center. Business Voice is a multi-application Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that helps companies serve their customers better by automating routine customer interaction tasks.

Avhan Business Voice handles upto 3,000 calls a day at base configuration and upto 90,000 calls a day on a 120 port system without employee involvement. Offering a great ROI and a payback time of maximum eight months, Avhan Business Voice comes in three flavors to suit different customer interaction needs.

The Avhan BV Inform IVR is designed to provide information about products and services. The Avhan BV Locate IVR helps callers to get information on the organization’s branches, showrooms, ATM locations, service centers, Drop boxes and every other information that need to be communicated. This includes contact information, telephone numbers and directions to each of these locations. 

The Avhan BV Care IVR effectively manages complaints and customer feedback. It also comes with ‘call escalation’ and features for complaints not handled appropriately.

Avhan Business Voice is transparent to Telecom systems and has templates to choose most of the popular EPABX systems in India. Avhan Business Voice can be setup easily and does not require skilled manpower for installation and comes with an exhaustive manual and 24 hours support from Avhan Technologies Ltd.

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