Aventho wireless

Aventho wireless: highest praise for revolutionary headphone technology

For decades, the audio engineers from beyerdynamic in Heilbronn, Germany, have been tweaking every little detail of their products – because everything can be improved and nothing is ever finished when it comes to perfect sound.

The latest highlight of this consistent development is named Aventho wireless: excellent Bluetooth headphones that feature the unique Tesla technology from beyerdynamic as well as the dynamic sound personalization from Mimi Hearing Technologies. This digital quantum leap revolutionizes the world of headphones and took the media world by storm.

Among other things, the Aventho wireless was awarded the innovation prize by the German AUDIO magazine. Each year, just one product is awarded this coveted trophy at the “Das Goldene Ohr” awards ceremony in Munich, Germany. Only technological milestones in the audio sector deserve this award – and the Aventho wireless with sound personalization is nothing less.

Trade press praises beyerdynamic in unison

“Very good”, “outstanding”, “the best sounding Bluetooth headphones on the market”, “unique”, “wow”, “impressive”, “a highlight”, “worth every penny” – these are just a few of the test conclusions that can be read in the German trade press about beyerdynamic’s Aventho wireless, and the international media representatives are enthusiastic as well. With a sensational average rating of “Very Good (1.2)” in 16 editorial tests, Aventho wireless is currently the best on-ear Bluetooth headphones on the German review aggregator site Testberichte.de. Not a surprise – with their unique sound personalization and the outstanding Tesla drivers, the closed mid-size Bluetooth headphones completely redefine mobile music enjoyment.

Unique listening experience with Mimi Sound Personalization

The sound personalization technology by the Berlin audio experts at Mimi Hearing Technologies takes the already excellent sound of the Aventho wireless to a whole new level. With the digital and dynamic personalization app “MIY” for iOS and Android, the headphones can be optimally adjusted to the personal hearing capabilities of their owner.

After a six-minute hearing test, an individual profile is calculated for the user and stored directly in the headphones. This means a better hearing experience for profound musical enjoyment, anytime and everywhere, regardless of the audio source.

A better hearing experience – for a lifetime

The result of the sound personalization is astounding, even for the most experienced professionals: it lets the wearer perceive even the finest nuances as if the ears had been given a rejuvenating treatment – music sounds the way it should once again. If necessary, the Aventho wireless is easily readjusted using the MIY app to compensate for changes in hearing ability.

If the hearing test is performed once a year, the Aventho wireless always sounds as perfect as on the first day. At the same time, music lovers can track their daily listening habits via the MIY app and actively preserve their hearing in the long term without having to forego great sound.

Excellent design meets Tesla technology

The design of the Aventho wireless combines the timeless elegance of the past with the innovative technology of the future. It amazes with outstanding mobile comfort, Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC support, and its intuitive touch control integrated into the right ear cup. The legendary quality of the Tesla sound drivers from beyerdynamic ensures unsurpassed detail reproduction and broad stage presentation.

The listener is placed right in the middle of the music and experiences a perfectly coordinated interplay of rich basses, clear mids and silky, pleasant highs. This technological foundation combined with the unique sound personalization makes the Aventho wireless an innovative breakthrough that will revolutionize the world of headphones.

The future is now: Innovation Award for beyerdynamic

The technological edge of the Aventho wireless did also convince the experts of German AUDIO magazine: at this year’s “Das Goldene Ohr” award ceremony in Munich, Germany, they honoured beyerdynamic with the Innovation Award 2018. “We are pleased that the Aventho wireless and its sound personalization inspires trade press and users alike”, says beyerdynamic CEO Edgar van Velzen. “With this innovative breakthrough, beyerdynamic heralds the revolution of audiophile listening with headphones: this future is individualized to the wearer’s needs and offers the perfect sound, whether at home or on the road.”

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