Avaya envisages strong, continued growth in 2012

Avaya, a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems, revealed a positive outlook for the enterprise communications and collaboration industry across Asia Pacific for the coming financial year. The findings were based on the survey results from channel partners attending the annual Avaya 2012 APAC Sales and Partner Conference, held in Bangkok recently. “In 2011 we saw business confidence returning in Asia Pacific in a big way, just as our channel partners had predicted last year. Based on these results, the market looks set to be buoyant for our business and that of our channel partners across PC in 2012,” said Francois Lancon, president, Asia Pacific, Avaya.

Joel Hackney, senior VP, global sales and marketing, and president, field operations, Avaya said, “In 2011, we registered a double digit growth, and specially in Asia Pacific we grew strong because of our partners. We grew because of our clarity on future plans, faster collaboration, smarter decision making power and better business grasp.” The survey revealed some interesting facts for the industry. According to the partners, the financial services and insurance sector is likely to drive the highest growth in enterprise communications in 2012. Also, the mid-size and large national enterprises are expected to increase their spend in the coming financial year.

The survey also predicts the following for the APAC region in 2012

– China will be the most important economy in the region followed by India
– Euro crisis will impact on APAC investment
– 50% of FOREX reserve in APAC
– Strong access to capital expected in 2012

“Overall these results draw a close link between the needs and strategies of our mutual customers, the focus areas of our channel partners and technology innovation which Avaya bring to the table,” said Lancon. He also shared Avaya’s priorities for 2012, which includes:

– Increase relevance and wallet share in top accounts
– Execute the GTM model
– Grow networking and service business
– Attack the mid-enterprise market
– Attract, develop and retain top talent, and
– Grow software ahead of the business

Avaya also looked keen on increasing their software businesses as it believes hardware is becoming highly commoditized and software is emerging as a profitable business. Over 200 selected individuals representing Avaya’s most strategic channel partner and distributor organizations from 15 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region attended the event.

(The author was hosted by Avaya in Bangkok)

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