Autodesk rolls out PLM strategy, products

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After merging the Indian operations with that of South Asia Pacific, Autodesk

has announced the launch of new products from its stable.

“This year was the year of consolidation of the restructuring. Autodesk

Asia Pacific has four regions, South Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN

and SAARC), Japan, Korea and Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). Next

year Autodesk will release 30 new products in regular intervals. Next year we

would witness sales and market share of Autodesk soaring,” said Andre Pravaz,

Regional Director (South Asia Pacific), Autodesk.

The company launched two of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) products,

Streamline and Buzzsaw. While Streamline is targeted at the manufacturing

sector, Buzzsaw is focussed at Business Industrial Design sectors. These

products are released to supplement Autodesk’s existing design products such

as the Revit, Inventor series and the Map series.


The launch marks Autodesk’s PLM strategy of extending the use of the data

throughout the value chain and product lifecycle.

“Our solutions offerings will enable Autodesk’s customers and their

extended network of enterprise partners to truly leverage and maximize the

potential of their design data both upstream and downstream,” remarked Pravaz.

The company’s strength in India is about 50 employees including the support

staff. It proposes to strengthen its sales and support staff significantly, but

declined to give numbers.

The Tech support staff numbers 14 while catering to the South Asia Pacific

region Autodesk resellers and customers. The other support includes the Autodesk

Developer Network support and an internal support team.

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