ATI launches new family of GPUs 

DQW Bureau
16 Nov 2005


ATI Technologies Inc laun­ched a new family of gra­phics processors (GPUs) that outper­form competing pro­ducts and deliver better image quality in every price category. 

"The top-to-bottom family, built using the cutting-edge 90 nanometer semiconductor fabrication technology, deli­vers the best performance and image quality ever seen," the company said.

Radeon X1800 is aimed at competitive gamers and enthusiasts. Radeon X1600 is for beginners and those who are more interested in editing photos and videos. For those who want all of the features and capabilities of the Radeon X1800 and Radeon X1600 but who are on a budget, the Radeon X1300 will meet their needs for as low as $79, the company said.

Each of the new graphics processors feature ultra-threaded shader architecture, new memory architecture, fast and efficient 3D image quality, etc. Graphics cards powered by Radeon X1000-series GPUs will be available from ATI and its board partners.

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