Atempo on a lookout for partners

DQW Bureau
08 Feb 2011

Atempo, one of the leading providers of
cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions is looking out
for partners in India for the distribution of their recently launched
Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) solution. “Atempo is one of the only
players in
Digital Archive, an open archive software solution with automatic,
end-user, and workflow-triggered archiving. ADA migrates content from
primary storage to near-line and deep archives, whether it is digital
tape, disk or cloud storage. Unlike HSM-only solutions, ADA provides
rich search and retrieval capabilities-from a drag-and-drop UI to
stub files to metadata search,” said Kalmal Gulati, Head-India
Operations, Atempo.

Atempo Digital Archive 3.1 features the
new capability to archive MXF, DPX and MOV files, three of the most
widely used formats in media and entertainment organizations. The MXF
file format in particular is widely adopted in creative industries as
the new standard for exchanging metadata linked to audio and visual
content. The unique ability of ADA to support full timecode and
metadata synchronization during the archival process is critical for
organizations to ensure the integrity of their high-value creative
content. Similarly, ADA's new timecode support allows customers to
conduct partial restoration of their data from archival media,
another important requirement for media and entertainment
environments where large data files are frequently moved across
multiple storage devices.

“This momentum gives us the
opportunity to work with our customers to better understand and
develop solutions for their most complex storage challenges. The
proven success and adoption of Atempo Digital Archive in these
demanding, data-intensive environments is a testament to the
performance, flexibility and intuitiveness that our software has to
offer customers in any industry,” added Gulati.

In enabling users to retrieve only
relevant portions of their creative data-where each file can be
several terabytes in size, ADA dramatically improves the efficiency
and cost-effectiveness of the restoration process.

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