Asus unveils Bamboo series notebook

DQW Bureau
13 Apr 2009
New Update


Asus Technology (India) announced the launch of its eco-friendly Bamboo

series notebook in India. The Bamboo series notebooks are exquisitely desig­ned

with real bamboo to give a personalized and exclusive feel to each notebook.

The end-to-end bamboo notebook is 'green' through­out its lifecycle-from its

concep­tion and production to its recycling. It complies with RoHS and WEEE


The Asus Bamboo series notebook uses super hybrid engine that reduces the

yearly CO2 emission by 12.3kg per notebook. Given that Asus ships approximately

six million notebooks per year, this works out to 73.8 million kg of CO2

emission reduced per year, which equates to saving 36 million trees annually.