Astric Computers launches Green Lab

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While the state of Bihar is desperately

seeking IT investment in the state, the IT channel fraternity is

closely collaborating with the state's efforts. Recently, Patna-based

IT channel major

Astric Computers has collaborated with Kolkata-based Hita

Technologies and Ncomputing to foster 'knowledge and technology

transfer in the state.' It has build the state's first Green Lab

in its premier Centre of Excellence, based on solar and wind power


Commenting over the market scenario in

Bihar, PK Sinha, Director, Centre of Excellence (Patna) and Director

of Astric Computers said, “We are trying to rebuild the confidence

of major IT giants and professionals to expand and start their

operation in our state, which in turn will boost and act as a

catalyst to open new horizons for the development of IT in our


However, owing to the adverse

geographical as well as economical backdrop, the state is severely

affected by the power shortage, which is dampening the spirit of fast

paced IT implementation and connectivity. While inaugurating the new


powered labs in the state, Dr Anil Kumar, Minister of IT in Bihar,

said, “It is a revolution in the field of ICT for a state like

Bihar, which is still unable to reach the remote places and big

geographical area. Such labs and alternative solar energy power can

prove to be a milestone in the ICT development of our state. We will

extend all possible support to promote and propagate these

technologies up to grassroot-level and educate the people about the

changed scenario in Bihar.”


Astric Computers has termed the new lab

foundation as an initiative to bridge the difference between urban

and rural areas. “It will further influence community development

and masses in several ways. Local employment of IT and related

professionals, foster business development, increase in trade inflow

and outflow as well as boost up the infrastructure development could

be some example for that. All these would result in confidence

building measures in Bihar,” said Sinha.

According to Astric Computers, the lab

will create awareness about the new technologies in the state. It

will also be an ideal way to demonstrate the usage and implementation

of alternative power resources. Besides, it will help the government

to save in capital investment, power, space as well as maintenance on

the hybrid solar and wind power lab.

“Alternative power is mostly needed

in schools, primary health centers and various agencies, but it has

not been implemented properly anywhere. NComputing is a technological

revolution in the field of ICT, which converts and shares a single PC

resource into multiple virtual desktops. It results in saving on

capital investment, hardware, software, application program, power

requirements space and maintenance. This will help in huge savings

with ICT, becoming an integral part of our day-to-day life up to

grassroot-level,” Sinha opined.