Association for Information Technology (AIT)

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New Update


AIT has been at the

same position as in previous year. Do you see that there is a room

for improvement, despite of maintaining the same position?

Firstly, I do not know on

what basis the evaluation is done. The current executive committee

took up the office exactly a year before. We are having our monthly

executive committee meetings as per schedule. Every two months we

have sponsored fellowship meet with eminent speakers/panel in which

we discuss topics in interest of the dealers. Our PC EXPO, which was

in association with YATRA, was fairly successful.

Your association scored

well in timely elections, membership growth, updating the website and

in social activities. What were the major initiatives that you have

undertaken around these activities?

By conducting programs of

interest to the members we have kept their interest alive in AIT

activities. For example the AIT cup cricket was such a huge success

that members want to have one more tournament before summer. All the

executive committee members are very approachable in solving the

grievance of the member. Through the AITgoogle group the members are

able to air their opinions and are able to communicate with others

without any bottleneck.

AIT went slow on

awareness programs and internal meeting frequency. What were the key

challenges around these? Please elaborate.

No, this is not true. As a

matter of fact the frequency of meetings is the highest in the last

one year. The Major challenge we are facing is to get all the dealers

to attend the association events in good numbers. Though there is a

marked improvement in the last year or so, it can be still better.


What are the challenges

that your association face, and how are you responding to them?

There are various issues.

The major ones are:

1. Payment default

2. Warranty issues


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Fly-by-night operators etc as most of these are handled by grievances

committee. As and when there is a complaint lodged with AIT, we take

it up with the related agencies to find a solution.

Your association

received good feedback from members. What were the initiatives to

keep them engaged and please share any of the cases where partners

issues were resolved?

Members keep their issues

posted on the google group, this in itself has prompted the AIT

executive committee to act quickly and decisively with out any delay.

For example Shri computers, Mandya had a problem with TVSE on a

faulty supply. AIT got it resolved within a fortnight. SAVEX had a

payment issue with one of the dealers for over five months. AIT

intervened and sorted it out immediately.