ASIRT to participate at CIO-Crown 2013 event

ASIRT seems to have capitalized the interested showcased by the CIO fraternity

New Update

Mumbai-based Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT), in the previous month, had successfully created a unique platform for its members to interact with the CIO community with CIO-ASIRT-Connect panel discussion. The association is gearing itself up for a similar discussion with a 10 member panel in near future.


In an interesting development, ASIRT seems to have capitalized the interested showcased by the CIO fraternity. This has led to creating a special provision for ASIRT wherein along with Centre of Recognition and Excellence (CORE) is offering a scheme for an ASIRT pavilion, exclusively for ASIRT members and also cut a special package for ASIRT members that gives them an equal opportunity to SI to present themselves and hob-nob with CIO at CIO-Crown 2013 event that is to be held in Thailand in the coming month. Insiders inform that the package is a fraction of the actual price paid as by other attendees.

Commenting on this, Kshitij Kotak, president, ASIRT said, "CIOs who were part of the last panel were impressed with our association and its activities and crafted together with CORE, a special package for ASIRT members. This lays the foundation for members to build enterprise business in a relaxed setting where CIO lay their hair down."

Sharing further details, Kshitij Kotak, president, ASIRT said, "In the meanwhile, our members learnt of event CIO-Crown 2013 which is to have 200 CIO across the country wherein about 90 participants are from Mumbai and approached ASIRT Board with a wish to participate in the event. While this event is a perfect setting which will allow SI partners to network with the CIOs for 3 full days in a place away from work, void of disturbance from routine and in a semi-formal setting away from country; members could not afford to spend upwards of Rs.9,00,000 for the event." He further added, "However, we managed to work out a beneficial deal without creaT