ASIRT Techday focuses on educating partners on E commerce menace


Mumbai based Association of System Integrator and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) has been taking various initiatives to educate partners against E Commerce. Continuing its series, ASIRT recently organized Techday event focusing on E Commerce menace. Industry veteran Mahesh Khatri underlined various approaches that could help partners competing with online portals effectively.

In his session, “Surviving the E-Commerce Tsunami & Beyond”, Mahesh Khatri, director of Kaytek Computer Services spoke on how partners and system integrators can pitch customers adopting new and innovative business practices. He practically demonstrated what needs to be done, what aspects to focus on while selling to each of CEO / Business Owner, Enterprise IT Head and CFO.

Mr. Khatri spoke extensively on effect of unethical business practices of E-Commerce giants and how to thwart the ill-effects of unfair competition from online portals.

In addition to talking of shortcomings of online sellers, he also presented various strategies to grow business with his session apart from highlighting tax issues and problems customer can face under that aspect of legal framework with a lot of unclear taxation issues.

Mr. Kshitij Kotak , president of ASIRT said, “The enormous and sudden growth of e-commerce is posing many challenges for traditional IT channels. Not only the box-pushers: dealers & distributors are at risk of survival, but retailers and system integrators are also facing the heat.”

“Many ill-informed customers do not know the unfair trade practices of predatory prices and below cost selling and allege they have been fleeced by their IT partner by charging exorbitant prices. ASIRT will continue to raise voice against E Commerce giants safeguarding interest of our community”, he said.

The second speaker in the event, Brand Guru Suneel Agarwal talked about Customer Management. He coached business owners how to acquire new customers in times when retaining existing customers is proving to be a tricky task.

Concluding the 6th and last session of Smart to Smarter series, Mr. Agarwal said, “Knowing your customer, the competition, your pricing and developing skills and tools to tackle are your response to this overbearing task.”

He promised special consideration for ASIRT members for his business building consulting services and also for his CEO coaching program.

Asus, a gold sponsor of ASIRT demonstrated their wide range of products including WiFi networking products during the event.

Event was attended by 75+ members of ASIRT.

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