ASIRT Hosted Wifi-soft for a session on pioneering Wi-Fi technology and its significance in the era of IoT

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29 Jan 2019
ASIRT Hosted Wifi-soft for a session on pioneering Wi-Fi technology and its significance in the era of IoT ASIRT Hosted Wifi-soft for a session on pioneering Wi-Fi technology and its significance in the era of IoT

The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) hosted the first Techday of the year 2019 with an exciting sponsor presentation by Wifi-soft – one of the pioneers in Wi-Fi technology solutions in India. The evening also hosted reputed graphologist and trainer, Milind J Rajore who shared astonishing insights into the science and art of Graphology and its impact on a person’s professional and personal life. The evening also saw the official unveiling of the debut ASIRT Cricket Premier League – ACPL 2019 Trophy, followed by a detailed induction of the tournament format and rules by the Tournament Organising Committee.

The evening began with a session byc Rishikesh Ghare, Founder of Wifi-soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – one of the early providers of wireless networking solutions in India. Ghare, an M.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas, brings with him over 24 years of experience in Wi-Fi solutions and has been instrumental in developing the modern version of Wi-Fi enabled products in India, for public and private sector companies, since 2005. Over the past 13 years, Wifi-soft has catered to more than 250 million unique users through some of the most reputed brands across 45 countries. Currently, the team offers a complete Wi-Fi Hotspot Management solution which includes access points, controllers, PoE switches, and cloud-managed software and have developed solutions that cater to sectors across Hospitality, Education, Retail, Public Wi-Fi, Enterprises, Transport etc. Sohail Ahmad, CTO, Wifi-soft, presented the detailed product and solution portfolio of Wifi-soft to the audience, which comprises of WiFiLAN, UniBox, UniMax, OTT Entertainment solution (FUNDO TV), PoE switches as well as a range of IoT products. Elaborating the philosophy and USP of Wifi-Soft, Ahmad highlighted that as a company, they do not sell products but build solutions that are customised to the unique needs of the enterprise & government clientele. Wifi-soft has been delivering exceptional, end to end solutions for setting up wireless networks across 10000+ Hotspots throughout the globe, providing the right solution, in the right size, and at the right price. Speaking about the potential and scope for Wi-Fi technology, Ghare said, “80% of internet usage across the world today is routed through a Wi-Fi Network, which is a huge volume! This, in itself, is a testimonial to the resilience and efficiency of Wi-Fi as one of the best technologies for last mile connectivity. Further, with the era of emerging technologies like VR, AR as well as IoT, that require a base technology or protocol to transfer the data, effective Wi-Fi networks will become as integral to modern lifestyle as basic utility services like electricity and running water. Although Wi-Fi will face some challenges with the 5G technology, as well as other Wi-Fi variants, they all have some limitation or the other like line of sight, range limitations, or challenges of data speed etc. System Integrators and IT solution providers are the architects of this new digital ecosystem. We at Wifi-soft have been innovating consistently, in close partnership with System Integrators and Channel Partners, helping them create a strong digital framework, across conventional and innovative applications of Wi-Fi. As 100% of our business is driven by channel partners, platforms like ASIRT play a crucial role in helping us connect directly with some of the best System Integrators across Mumbai. We had attended ASIRT a year and a half ago and I really liked the energy and the enthusiasm of an Association like ASIRT. It is a great platform for OEMs and Vendors like us to launch our products or talk about our service offerings to a niche target audience of System Integrators. We are happy to participate and interact with ASIRT Members and look forward to a long and fruitful business partnership!”

The evening then progressed to one of the most awaited agenda – the unveiling of the Winner and Runners-up trophies of the ASIRT Cricket Premier League (ACPL) Tournament. The organising committee Members, Hitten Shah, Tushar Shah, Sanjay Ruparel and Manish Kapasi took to the stage and informed details related to ACPL to all the ASIRT Members. Sharing the finer nuances of the much awaited tournament between the ASIRT Consortium teams, Sanjay Ruparel presented a detailed format of the matches, and rules for batsmen, bowlers, and fielders during the matches. Ruparel further highlighted that the Tournament scheduled for the 9th February 2019, will be a friendly event designed to develop bonding and a healthy competition among Consortiums and Members. The presentation concluded with an enthusiastic unveiling of the Winner and Runners-up trophies, by ASIRT Chairman, Jiten Mehta, and President Pankaj Shah, along with all Board Members, ACPL Team Owners & Consortium Captains. Highlighting this as the first of the many new initiatives by the Board in 2019, Jiten Mehta said, “The ACPL is an eagerly awaited event and I am pleased at the enthusiastic response! The organising committee has taken great efforts and initiative in planning and co-ordinating this big event. My best wishes to all the participants and the organising committee Members. I am sure this will be a great event and the beginning of many such larger events in the years to come!”

Mehta further shared two new initiatives taken by the ASIRT Board for 2019. Considering the growing stress and the rise in lifestyle related disorders, ASIRT has partnered with Hinduja Healthcare, for offering ASIRT Members and their families a holistic customised preventive health check-up package at highly discounted rates. The second initiative is aimed at managing the Business health of their Members. Through this special initiative, ASIRTers can avail professional guidance for their Tax related queries from ASIRT Auditor, Gaurav Save (CA), free of cost. Members can email their queries to the Auditor on and will receive an advice on the same. Further, any complex or specific queries will also be answered through a detailed consultation, at an additional cost.

After the high pitched ceremony, the evening proceeded to the much anticipated Evolve Session by reputed graphologist and trainer, Milind J Rajore having 20 years of experience, on the topic ‘Know yourself through your Handwriting’. As a particular format of writing can represent a mind-set, a change in that format can also simultaneously, impact the mind-set of the person. Highlighting examples of some of the most popular and some professionally fatal logo designs, Rajore shared a basic overview of do’s and don’t’s for a logo of a successful company. Throughout the interactive session, he shared a plethora of instances where minor changes to the angles or loops of the alphabets could determine the fate of a company and along with it that of several stakeholders attached with it. He then moved on to signature styles explaining how the change in a person’s signature over a period of time can cause or reflect the person’s success or failure andhis transition through challenging phases in life. Speaking about his experience Rajore said, “Graphology is a modern science that has a long lasting and deep implication, and will be relevant till human beings continue to exist. To re-iterate what I have been saying, Graphology starts where Google ends! With Google, one can understand the outside world. But Graphology allows a peek into ones psyche, one’s thinking patterns and personality traits – how much fear, how much anxiety, confidence, ability to react to situations, ability to handle crisis etc., all of these things are visible in a person’s writing. Graphology is a holistic science that can be effectively leveraged to build a meaningful life. From a business point of view, it is very valuable to understand one’s own strengths and weaknesses in order to take an accurate decision.. More and more people are now waking up to this accurate, meticulous, and efficient science and I hope I can do my small bit in the process.”

The insightful session by Rajore had left the Members and the entire hall abuzz with curiosity, even as people were reaching out to the master graphologist with questions and requests for signature analysis and opinions on their logo designs. Amidst the excitement and curiosity, the evening culminated with dinner and conversations!

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