Ashram Computers eyes North market

DQW Bureau
27 Dec 2007


Bangalore-based Ashram Computers and Consultancy Services, which has its

presence in Cochin, Bangalore and plans to open an office in Delhi and


On expanding to Delhi, a region that is new to Ashram Computers, Kaushal

Srivastava, Branch Manager, Ashram Computers, Chennai commented that the

initiative was a bid to conquer the North market. “The area remains untouched

for Ashram Computers. We have proposed to open a branch in Delhi to kill the

competition that we are getting from those resellers who have come from North,”

he asserted. He claimed that Ashram would not find it difficult to make its

position in the market as it has the experience and necessary skills with it.

“The market is huge and open to all and we would like to give tough competition

to traders wherever we go as it is a part of business,” Srivastava added.

This apart, Ashram Computers has announced its plans to foray into hardware

business in the future to tap the booming retail market. For almost 15 years,

Ashram Computers has been operating in the software solutions trade and the

sudden decision can be attributed to the boom in the hardware retail market.

Speaking about the new venture, Srivastava said, “We have proposed an 800sqft

building in a good locality and the showroom will display hardware, software,

branded PCs and latest IT products. This showroom will act as a one-stop-shop

that will display all IT related products.” When questioned about the sudden

decision to enter into the hardware division, Srivastava said, “The reason

behind the new venture was the booming retail industry. Ashram had the proposal

for a long time, when the time came we didn't want to lose the opportunity.”

NR Sethuraman