Are you the best DAD!!!

Do you spend  quality time with your kids daily? if you do, that makes you a great dad. A survey reveals that only 34% of Indian dad spend conscious time with their kids daily. This survey is done by Appystore .in. provides subscription based curated content for kids up to 8 years of age and is owned and promoted by Mauj Mobile.


The survey, undertaken across tier1 and tier 2 cities, drew participation from over 1167 parents. Some key findings of the survey as below:

* 50% of fathers surveys stressed on the importance of extracurricular activities in the development of their child, 21% mothers on the more on extracurricular activities for a child

* More than 4/5 th fathers use digital medium to impart new concepts to their kids

* 34% fathers spend conscious time with their kids daily, mothers spends twice as much time with their kids daily

* Mothers are key decision makers with as much as 77% taking unilateral decisions with respect to their child’s education and development

* To check progress of child, 40% fathers compare with other kids. 33% mothers on the other hand rely on teachers at school to check progress of their child

* Nearly 1/5 th mothers rely on internet and social media for information to check progress

* Fathers are more indulgent, 73% fathers spend more than Rs. 500 per month on fun learning tools for their child.


Manoj Barot, Director Marketing, Mauj Mobile said, “The survey has shown different approaches to parenting amongst fathers and mothers. As a father myself I can relate to the fact that fathers are increasingly active when it comes to the learning and development of their kids. Appystore consciously understands the new age parenting needs and helps parents give their children the right start they deserve.”

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