APW President to add 100 more channel partners

DQW Bureau
New Update


APW President, market leaders in the

enclosures industry witnessed a meager growth of 8.8 percent last

year. However, the company is charged up for this financial year and

is hoping to yield a much higher profit.

The company has already launched a

number of green technologies, such as liquid cooling, airflow

management, which are embedded in their product offerings. Liquid

cooling reduces cooling energy consumption by 50 percent, cuts

datacenter space requirement by 55 percent and offers complete RoI

within a year. Airflow management, using computational fluid dynamics

(CFD) for visualization helps optimize and manage airflow without the

installation of any additional computer room air conditioners


Moreover, the recently launched

Flexibox, a wall-mount cabinet for LAN/WAN and office networking

applications, saves space and is made without welding, which saves

energy in production. Additionally, the CL-Amp, a non-intrusive

energy monitoring solution for data networks, enables simple and

precise measurement of power consumption, paving the way for active

power management planning.


The company already has 140 authorized

partners in India. They are planning to add another 100 partners in

both the system integration space and value-added resellers (VARs),

who can take on specific product lines and offer extended solutions.

APW President has also designed a specific channel partners program,

through which the partners will have a hands-on experience of their

product line, and will receive spot demonstrations and training.

S Venkatraman, VP-Enclosure Solutions

and Technical Services, APW President Systems elaborated, “Our

focus is on optimal stocking, technical support and training. We are

also empowering our channel partners with back-end Web-based computer

network to provide online support and services. System Integrators

(SIs) who have an interest in representing APW President products and

services can sign up with us as Authorised Channel Partners. We have

an accreditation system to qualify channel partners as Silver or Gold

partners, based on a graded system of performance evaluation.”

Venkataraman also spoke about the profile of partners he is looking

at this year, “We look at infrastructure, which includes reach,

manpower, skills etc; and market credibility, which includes standing

in the market, brand recognition etc; and target achievements. SIs

should have both business skills and relevant technical skills. Our

focus is on supporting channel partners with optimal stocking,

technical support and training.”