Aptech launches Total .Net course & adds to Linux course

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Aptech Computer Education has launched the Total .Net Project course under the Microsoft Center of Excellence and has added a new course to its Velocity series.

The Total .Net Project course has been designed for students, working professionals and software engineers and the Velocity series is targeted at undergraduates, graduates and engineers, which would give an in-depth coverage of absolute base technologies.

The program on .Net prepares the participant on hands on development experience on a live, Web-based B2C and B2B applications. The course offers opportunity for a student to develop real time applications on Healthcare under Microsoft .Net framework (MSF). This would be reinforced through case studies on manufacturing, tours and travel, and shipment and tracking. They would finally develop a prototype for an insurance application.


The courses of Velocity Series are positioned as short-term capsules on the latest technologies helping the students to learn in shortest possible time. This particular course covers Linux, C, C, C++ and C# in absolute detail and allows the student master the course in 90 days time period. It also emphasizes that foundation for any course can be fortified without taking time to build.

At the time of exit from the course of .Net, students will have a development experience and will get a certificate qualifying them as Solution Architects, which would ensure state-of-art employment acceptability. They will master industry specific project documentation standards and techniques, and effective project development and management strategies. All such best practices are consolidated as Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) as Microsoft is standardizing the same through Microsoft Official Curriculum


Highlighting the importance of such a course in the current scenario, Kishan Singh Gohil, Head and Senior VP, Aptech Computer Education said, "According to recent research, the industry requirement and demand for skills on C, C++, Linux and C# is growing exponentially. To address this increasing demand Aptech has introduced this course. Today, with a firm base of at least 10 million users worldwide, Linux, which is a powerful OS is growing exponentially and is well appreciated by programmers as well as end-users for its features and superiority to other OS."

.Net from Microsoft is a whole new platform that centers entirely around the Internet and enables to build applications which are much more powerful and reliable that fully harness the power of the Internet, than the ones that can be built with the current platforms.