Aptech evolves new training methodology

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IT training provider Aptech Ltd is breaking away from the orthodox method of

tutelage by evolving a new schema whereby it intends to thread the teaching with

a case for development.

A typical IT training program offers theoretical class followed by some

exercise in a lab, which is primarily bookish, remarked Dr NJ Rajaram, CTO,

Aptech Ltd. "So we thought that rather than providing them with

theore-tical knowledge, we expose them to projects which will teach them the

intricacies of a system development. A project itself is a learning," he

added. So according to the new con-cept, rather than giving them lectures on

procedures, Aptech will ask the students to work on projects like developing

solutions for the banking, insurance, government sector, etc.

Aptech is trying to patent this new pedagogue. According to Rajaram,

currently the industry requires such kind of people who can immediately make an

application of a blue print. In this modified peda-gogue, Aptech is attempting

to thread the learning with a simu-lated developing environment.


"When IT was in a nascent stage, a formal knowledge in any language will

fetch you job in the industry. But today industry is in need of such can-didates

who apart from doing programming should be good in documentation, quality

assu-rance, testing, work in a colla-borative environment, etc," he said.

Elaborating on the new training program, Rajaram added that this is a

straight break from the classroom to the industry. "We are trying to get

accreditation for this model from the industry. This will reduce the company’s

training effort, for they

need not try to retrain the newly recruited people," he informed.

In this process, if any of the students will develop a solution for any

segment, the IPR will remain with Aptech, which will not be for sale, but for

show-casing alone. "The students too will be benefited since they can

promote themselves with the solutions they developed dur-ing their

training," said Rajaram.

In yet another move, Aptech Ltd is going for CMMI-Level 3 certification.

"Once we get it we will be one of the few compa-nies to get this

certification in content related activities," Rajaram informed.

Nisha Kurian

Chennai (CyberMedia News Service)