April fool gags click in cyberspace

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This year, Infosys plans to gift $1 million, a Toshiba

notebook, and a foreign trip to all its employees on completing 25 years of


This snippet of infor­ma­tion, which was posted on

Wikipedia until a few days ago, has been doing the rounds through email

forwards. The posting, which may have been an April fool's day prank, has been

removed from Wikipedia. An Infosys spokesperson laughed away the rather generous

claim saying, “It's not true. We keep hearing rumors like this all the


Now, it looks like someone at Wikipedia also woke up to the

rumor. A search for Infosys on Wikipedia now throws up this message: “As a

result of recent vanda­lism, editing of this page by new or unregis­tered

users is temporarily disabled. Changes can be discussed on the talk page, or you

can request unprotection.”



on the topic of April Fool's gags, search company Google which has been

launching new products and services regularly, announced Google Romance, a

heart-warming new service for singles ready to mingle on All Fool's Day.

The company even issued a press release that said,

“Google Romance is a new product that offers users both a psychographic

matchmaking service and all-expen­ses-paid dates for cou­ples who agree to

experience contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of their


The new service even had an appropriate tagline that said,

“When you think about it, love is just another search problem.” The beta

release is still available at

Unsuspecting, love-hungry users realized the hoax when they tried to post their



Google had a hearty laugh over the hoax and said,

“Romance Not Found!”

OpenOffice had a shocker of an announcement on April 1,

2006. It claimed that Bill Gates had bought Open­Office in a deal worth

billions of dollars. The reason for Gates' decision, “He was sick and tired

of open-source eating away his profits, and so the world's richest man decided

to put an end to the nuisance and simply buy Open­” Who says

techies lack a sense of humor?

Priya Padmanabhan Bangalore, April 6